La RosaI am from the Nariño region of Colombia and grew up in the surroundings of the Andes mountains. I am strongly influenced by my experience of childhood and adolescence which was spent in a close community that holds a strong connection with our environment.

My work seeks and comments on themes of social and individual responsibility and the consequences of human separation from their surroundings.

I often use waste products which are used to create new contexts related to the past which helps me engaged with subjects such as coffee production, oil spills, street rubbish, reconstruction of past events and peasant urban cultivations.  My methodology is varied and comes from what is available.  I enjoy the spontaneity of creating from what is already there.  The art is a product of the interaction between my development and the changing space around me.  The thread is unprompted interface which provides insight into what it is to connect.

La Rosa Countryside 2 La Rosa Countryside 1

I undertook my formal education at the Cali Instituto de Bellas Artes, Colombia and have worked in Namibia, New Zealand and the U.K.


2006 ~ Master in Fine Arts ~ Conservatory of Fine Arts, Cali, Colombia


2016 ~ Colombian Womble House

2013 ~ Product of Colombia ~ Matchbox Studios, Wellington, New Zealand

2012 ~ City of Children (individual exhibition) ~ Thistle Hall, Wellington, New Zealand

2012 ~ National Art Exhibition ~ Napier, New Zealand

2005 ~ Rayada 2 ~ Whitehouse, Cali, Colombia

2004 ~ Imprints that Tracks Leave (engraving exhibition) ~ Gallery of Fine Arts, Cali, Colombia

2004 ~ Original y copia (installation) ~ Culture Centre, Cali, Colombia ~ Reshown at Hall National of Artist 39, Bogota, Colombia

2001 ~ Collective Exhibition of Painters ~ Prisma Cine-Arte, Pasto, Colombia

2001 ~ Art at the Plaza ~ Plaza of Nariño, Pasto Colombia

2000 ~ Female Sights 2

La Rosa