Squirrel Spikes - Oil on Canvas - 46x46cm

Pigeon Spikes

This series of artworks focuses on the use of pigeon spikes to protect the occupying interests and keep out vermin. We attach ourselves to possessions, people and experiences. When we perceive a threat, our instinct is to separate and defend.
Pigeon I Estrella - Oil on Canvas - 18x22cm

Animals In The Space

Urban animals inhabit unnatural environments, often living in disused spaces and subsist from human waste.  This underclass of animals are considered vermin by their human neighbours and persecuted for their attempts to survive in their inhospitable domains.  Animals in space seeks to humorously redress the...
Richmond Ontoño


The focus of life on progression and movement provides insufficient space for our own authentic experience. The construction of London lives can leave us feeling isolated and seeking for opportunities to reconnect but not being able to remember how. The Richmond series provides an insight...


La Rosa spent 2013 to 2014 in Namibia. During this time she produced a series of works that investigated the degradation of Namibia’s natural environment that she witnessed. Assuming the perspective of the inhabitant animals, the works portray the suffering of future generations and explore...
Namibian Fish - Oil on Recycled Canvas - 21x20cm

Submarine Desert

Inspired by the contrast of the Namib desert and the Atlantic Ocean and in the context of the inequality that is present across Namibian society. The series depicts the arid land that exists only a short distance from an underwater world. Connected but unimaginable to...