Product of Colombia

Product of Colombia 

Series I / IV


Product of Colombia is a series that reflect a polemic against social injustice. 

1.6 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day and Colombia is the third largest coffee producer the world. However, growers receive 7-10% of the retail price of coffee in supermarkets. Whilst this exploitation has reached public awareness there is now a growing sense of acceptance. 'Product of Colombia' reuses original Colombian coffee sacks found in New Zealand in an attempt to provide increased connection between Kiwi coffee drinkers and the families growing the coffee beans in Colombia. 


Product of Colombia, Series I,II,III,IV. Exhibion at Matchbox studios. 2013


Product of Colombia series 

Some of the finest coffee in the world is produced in Colombia by campesino farmers often living in impoverished conditions.  This series uses coffee sacks to connect consumers with producers

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