Rosa Baquero (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

I spent the first 26 years of my life living in the Andres mountains living in a strong community with a deep connection with the environment.  I then moved to a big city and became aware of the social issues facing people in Colombia.  Since moving overseas I have lived in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Namibia which has made me aware of the disconnection between people and their environment in other countries.  


I consider my self as a Recycled Painter currently I am working with a collective call The Womble Collective, and working in collaboration had help me to refine my self as artist and how to make art. We have created a art platform and we experiment research and media ecology systems and themes. 


My work in the pass has been expressing myself through many images including barbed wire, pigeon spikes, portraits of pigeons, disenfranchised wild animals.  I have particular sympathy for pigeons as they are treated like vermin but are as much a part of the world as humans.  Pigeons represent marginalised groups against which we discriminate.

Part of the work is also a primitive style and continuously references my childhood and ancestry but with the knowledge and experience of today. 

I treat art as a way to be and to do  as a therapy that you gain and use it to connect with myself, other people and the environment. 

La Rosa

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