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Plastic bag knitting series

Exploration of the potential to transform waste.  The series uses therapeutic techniques from inherited traditions of knitting and crochet and used re-form the bags to highlight their universal dimension.  Just as energy and matter endless exchange, new meaning and vitality is given to rubbish.

Womble Nose

Technic: Crotchet and plastic bags 30 x 10 Dm 2022

"Womble Yoga Mat"

Made of 100 plastic bags approximately. Technic: crotchet Size: 145 cm x 65 cm 2019 - 2020

"Womble Hat" WIP

Technic: Crotchet & plastic bags (Interior view)

Womble Hat & Womble Nose
Womble Hat & Womble nose (view from adobe)

Mixed media, Oil and Crochet with Plastic Bags On Canvas. 70 x 40 cm 2021

Poly_Stylo African Flower

Technic: Crotchet 40 x 40 cm 2018

African Flower WIP I
African Flower WIP II
African Flower WIP III
African Flower WIP IV
Poly-Stylo Apron Spar

Technic: Crotchet & plastic bags 80 cm x 60 cm 2015

Poly-Stylo Night Dress

Technic: Crotchet & plastic bags 90cm x 60cm 2015

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