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About La Rosa 



2006   Master in Fine Arts

             Institute of Fine Arts, Cali, Colombia   


Individual Exhibition


2018  Colombian Womble House Revenge 

            Aritist Open Houses 

            Brighton, United Kingdom 


2017   Colombian Womble House 

           Artist Open Houses

           Brighton, United Kingdom 


2013   Product of Colombia

            Matchbox, Wellinton, New Zealand


2012   City of Children

            Thistle Hall, Wellington, New Zealand


Collective Exhibitions


2012   National Art Exhibition

            Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand


2007   Photo Chop

            Thistle Hall, Wellington, New Zealand


2004   Original and Copy

             Culture Centre, Cali, Colombia


2004   Original and Copy (reshown)

             Salon National de Artistas, Bogota, Colombia


2004   Imprints that Leaves Ways   

            Gallery of Fine Arts, Cali, Colombia


2002   7th Salón Facartes

            Palatino Cultural Centre, Pasto, Colombia


2001   Collective Exhibition of Painters

            Prisma Cine-Arte, Pasto, Colombia


2001   Art at the Plaza

            Plaza de Nariño, Pasto, Colombia


2000  Female Sights 2 

            Palatino Cultural Centre, Pasto, Colombia

I spent the first 22 years of my life living in the Andres mountains living in a strong community with a deep connection with the environment.  I then moved to a big city and become aware of the social issues facing people in Colombia.  Since moving overseas I have lived in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Namibia which is made me aware of the disconnection between people and their environment in other countries. 


I express myself through many images including barbed wire, pigeon spikes, portraits of pigeons, disenfranchised wild animals.  I have particular sympathy for pigeons as they are treated like vermin but are as much a part of the world as humans.  Pigeons represent marginalised groups against which we discriminate.  I also identify with Wombles.  Their community focus and care for the environment is something that I admire.  I womble in a variety of ways often reusing what I find and incorporating it into my art including plastic bags, coffee sacks, dried paint.


My work is primitive and continuous referencing my childhood and ancestors.  Art is my therapy and I use it to connect with myself, other people and the environment. 

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